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Reims Université Karaté Do Shotokai

Friday 30 April 2021

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Our karate group was created within the Reims Université Club in 1974, with six members and two practices a week.
After a few mad years during which a karate craze attracted the most ‘colourful’ crowds to new clubs, we came to more reasonable times and conditions of practice. From then on our group enjoyed a more focused and constructive atmosphere.
We do not join competition for we consider that in karate, and this contrary to what happens in most sports, it goes against technical development as it keeps people away from fundamental analysis and work. Still, it does not mean that kumite is ignored as it constitute an essential part of our activity.
However, as it remains necessary for us to reassess our approach repeatedly, we join technical courses at regular intervals , in France and abroad – and this mostly under the technical guidance of Master Mitsusuke HARADA.
Every year, our group organises an international course which he leads personally.

The RUC – Karaté became in 2003 the Reims Université Karaté (a 1901 non-profit organisation), now a member of the FFKDA.